Buying and selling real estate  

You are certainly already aware that you can make a very profitable investment by buying real estate. However,
since there are a number of things to keep in mind to make sure that you, as an investor, receive the calculated returns, we at AF United Real Estate & Trading GmbH have specialized in helping you to make a wise and profitable long-term investment in the real estate market.

Buying and selling real estate  

You should
absolutely pay attention! 

You are certainly already aware that you can make a very profitable investment by buying real estate. However, since there are a number of things to keep in mind to make sure that you, as an investor, receive the calculated returns, we at AF United Real Estate & Trading GmbH have specialized in helping you to make a wise and profitable long-term investment in the real estate market.

The process of selling a property can also have its pitfalls and there is a lot to keep in mind here as well. Therefore, it is recommended to contact us in these matters, we will be happy to consult you; because mistakes can be very expensive!





Buying real estate

How to do it professionally!

The purchase of a property tends to have 3 reasons:

-You would like to live in it yourself.
-You would like to rent out the property.
-You would like to upgrade the property if necessary and resell it for a profit.
In two of the three cases mentioned above, it is therefore an investment for economically lucrative reasons.

However, should you wish to realize your vision of owning your own home, there is a significant disadvantage to investing in real estate for economic reasons. Unfortunately, in this case you can neither deduct the purchase nor the following costs, such as notary or real estate agent, from your taxes.

The situation is quite different, however, if you do not intend to use the property itself as a residential property. For example, if you buy an office apartment for business activities, you can claim a considerable portion of the costs against tax. The same applies if you intend to rent out the apartment or house.

However, before you make a final decision to buy, you should know what you need to be aware of.
First of all, you should look at the market situation and the associated purchase prices. Since there have been significant increases in prices here, especially in recent years, this can be very challenging in some circumstances. Therefore, we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional. Since we already have years of experience and a good eye for pricing, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to get professional advice from us and share your ideas with us.
Here, for example, it is extremely important to consider the relationship between the purchase price and the expected rental income, as your investment can quickly turn out to be a zero-sum game or even unprofitable.
Another very important point is of course the location of a real estate. Not all properties have the potential to generate a solid and stable return. Apart from a bad location, shortcomings in the property itself can also be decisive for this. Therefore, it is essential to determine both the building fabric and to take a qualified look in, for example, the basement and the attic.
You should also have important documents shown to you, such as the utility bill. The reason for this is that, especially if heating costs are high, you can assume that the insulation of the property may not be adequate.
Last but not least, we strongly recommend that you bring equity with you when investing in real estate. Depending on the object, it should be between 10 percent and 20 percent.
Also the additional costs such as notary, broker, land transfer tax and land registry, which should be due at the time of purchase, should be considered carefully. The amount of the incidental purchase costs is affected by various facts. For example, it varies depending on whether the property is being bought or built, on the purchase price and on the region in which it is located.
The financing is an important and decisive point. You should definitely compare different credit offers and of course make sure that in the best case there is a fixed interest rate, so that you can calculate optimally.
Here, too, we will be pleased to assist you with our highly professional advice.

Selling & brokering real estate

These mistakes can cost you money!

As with the purchase of a property, there are a variety of things that must be taken into consideration when selling, so that no expensive mistakes are made. If you observe the prices, a mistake can quickly cost you 50,000 euros and more. Therefore, we have made it our business to save you from making these expensive mistakes!

The first impression counts. This is certainly not the first time you have ever heard this statement. So if you show the property for sale in an inadequate condition to the potential buyers, it can lead to a subjective reduction in value of the potential buyer. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the cleanliness and an orderly appearance of your property.
But there is more to it than that. Your exposé should also be optimized accordingly, so that the potential customer retains his good first impression even after the property has been viewed. A good and well prepared exposé can lead to a positive purchase decision more than you might think at first. Potential buyers also like to be advised and use the brokerage of a property to consult an expert. This creates an atmosphere of trust and professionalism.
Unfortunately, in most cases, a superficial search is not sufficient to obtain an adequate price for your property. The evaluation and assessment of an expert is therefore strongly recommended. If you need help with the valuation, we will be happy to assist you with our expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter if you require a brokerage, or a consulting service!

When it comes to the actual sale of the property, in many cases it is advisable to either think about a clear and well structured sales strategy and/or to consult an agent for a brokerage. This usually achieves the best results.
Now only one last thing has to be in order: The timing of the sale. Since the market situation is currently very bright as far as sales are considered, you can still get a lot out of it if you choose the optimal period for a sale.

Our advice


At this point it should be clear to you as a seller as well as a buyer or investor in the real estate sector that the purchase and sale of a property is a very complex and extensive subject. Under no circumstances you should make decisions that are rash and not well thought out.
Therefore, our fully comprehensive knowledge of the current market situation is not only interesting for you as an investor. Also as a seller we can fully inform you about the value of your property and together we develop an effective and well planned sales strategy and a powerful selling exposé.

It is also important not to be left to your own devices when it comes to important aspects such as financing. A comprehensive calculation with a matching loan offer and a good interest rate fixation is what we want for you as a real estate investor. With our help, you can realize your dream of owning your own home or a lucrative and long-term investment, for example, in your retirement savings.

Should you now wish to receive fully comprehensive advice on all these topics, we at AF United Real Estate & Trading GmbH are always available to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


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